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Hi Della,
I thought I should just write and give you an update. Warren & met each other 6 months ago and have been living together in Manly since June. We are thrilled to have been introduced and are extremely happy. You hit the jackpot here, We both thank you very much.
Kind regards.

Hi Della

Our wedding ad Jonahs In Whale Beach
Shirley and Warren.

Just a short note to confirm
our telecon this afternoon
( Tuesday 30 July 2002) advising that I wish to place my membership “on hold” at this time.
I understand this “on hold” advice can extend for a duration of three months prior to re-activation of the balance period of the six month membership period.
I shall during this period advise you of any further developments as / if / when they arise.
Many Thanks and Best Regards
Dear Della,

It seems you have helped me “indirectly”
Andre contacted me after you did your check with him. It prompted him into renewing our relationship and asking me to marry him.
I’m very happy , as you can imagine, so can you please put me on hold? ( just kidding, I think we will be fine).
If I don’t speak with you soon I expect you will understand.
thank you for your help thus far and for inadvertently helping Andre to gfet his act together re our relationship…
warmest regards




Rarely does one encounter a true master of their profession. Looking at how you’ve conducted things in retrospect, I have to say I’m awestruck at your insight, timing and subtlety in guiding me in the right direction. A truly masterful performance.

Sharyn and I have been conversing and emailing each other all week. After much nervous anticipation, we met last night :-) As predicted, we’re getting on really, really well. She’s just wonderful. The level of common interests, values and attitudes between us is really quite startling, and yet there are also intriguing differences that I know we’ll have lots of fun exploring together. Each time we talk, we generate more and more things we need to talk about. Our backlog is probably already measured in years. I’m sure Sharyn will agree that neither of us will be needing further introductions for some time (it’s only my job trained paranoia that makes me hesitate to say “ever” :-)

Della, I hope you get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that you’ve made two people deliriously happy (I’d forgotten that I could feel this happy! Almost having trouble believing that it’s really happening). Thank you so much for bringing us together.

Sydney NSW Australia

Dear Della,

Good news. Thanks for introducing me to Barbara Eden. We have beenseeing
quite a bit of each other. I would like to see her on an exclusive base to
see where this relationship may develop.

I understand I can put my membership on hold for 3 months. Please do so.

Once again thanks for the excellent service

Yours Sincerely, ROD

Dear Della

Thank you for introducing me to Rod Ferrer. We have been out a number of
times in the last few weeks, and I am very pleased with the way our
friendhsip is progressing. I was therefore, wanting to put my membership of
Corporate Singles on hold as stated in the agreement. I will contact you
before the 3 months are up to let you know if I wish to cancel, or restore,
my membership with Corporate Singles.

Thanking you once again,




Thanks so much for this introduction. Raynor and I seem to have hit it off rather well and I think we will be seeing how this develops. You have done a great job in matching us – thanks once again.


Hi Della


Thank you for sending the info RE Brad – we have met up once already & we are happy to see where things go.


Gabrielle Dickinson


Hi Della,

John probably told you all is going extemely well – and I personnally (and
think I speak for John too) couldn’t be happier. We are moving in together
mid Sept. And all being well in the new year, looking to start a family.

Thanks again for the introduction – one in a million and you got it just
right !!



I met Stephen last night and we will be seeing each other again on the
weekend. It was chemistry at first site. Please put my membership on hold for now.


Hi Della !………thanx a lot for the theatre invitation.

Although Allison and I cannot make it tonite.

We are spending a lot of time together and everything is going extremely well.

Thank-you for finding her!

I like her a lot.

Pertti xxx

Hi Della,

Further to our phone discussion and as advised, your introduction to Maxeine was most welcome. She and I are getting on fine. As I indicated, we will write to you in the not-too-distant-future to acknowledge your professional, discrete and much appreciated service.

As you suggested, could you please place my membership on hold.

Very best regards,





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